Who we are


Tabernacle Baptist Church is located on the border of Litchfield and Hudson, New Hampshire on Route 102.  We have been meeting at this location and have owned this property for nearly forty years.

Our church family is composed of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, who are committed to reaching their world with the gospel as they draw closer to their Heavenly Father.  We are people committed to the Word of God, as it is carefully taught and as it is lived out by faith in Jesus Christ.  We are people who have a heart for others’ needs, and are committed to helping them in whatever way we can.  We are people committed to worship that honors God, not that praises man.  We are people committed to training one another to have strong families, strong testimonies and strong belief systems, which is the core of true Christianity.  Ultimately, we are people who love one another, and we hope you will consider our church a place where you can get involved and serve the Lord.